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Chicago Endodontists and Periodontists

Welcome to The Dental Specialists.


If you need a root canal or have a dental emergency due to severe pain and/or infection of the tooth, you can come to us. Your general dentist can best advise you when endodontic treatment is warranted and will typically refer you to us for evaluation and possible treatment after their evaluation. Your endodontists:

Dr. Rajan sharma D.D.S.,M.S.D. (Endodontist)
Dr. Neal J.B. Bonje D.D.S (Endodontist)


If you have been referred here because you have or wish to prevent having periodontal disease, it is our job to perform a comprehensive examination and evaluation so that we may discuss with you the diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Your teeth are intended to last a lifetime and they can with proper care. Your periodontist:

Dr. Juzer Chinwalla D.D.S.,M.S.D. (Periodontist)

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